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Behavior Modification Chart 1- Use stickers or bingo daubers with this chart. Simply select 3 out of the 11 behaviors and cut and paste them with your child into the weekly chart. Trust me, it takes more time to catch your child in the act (of being good that is) than it is to correct the bad behavior. But believe me, appraisal goes a long way. Besides, it helps build self-esteem, as well as your relationship with one another.



Behavior Modification- Check System- In conjunction with the Behavior Modification chart, or as a standalone, this tool has been used in classrooms for years. I use the green check as a first warning, yellow as a time out, and red as a time out and 1 special treat taken away. Included are the three checks and a pre-made and blank background for you to laminate. To create a holder for the checks, simply take the chosen background and glue (or staple) around the edge to a piece of tag or cardboard.



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